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The Science of Personal Aliveness

By Leonard Orr
Spring 2002


Dear Friend for Life,

composed this letter for you because you have indicated an interest in this subject. Isabelle and I are staying home this year to build a higher quality spiritual community in the United States. I feel like I've been neglecting my home country because the hunger for my ideas and practices was so great in other countries that I've been spending most of my time in other countries during the past 20 years. When I have been home, I've been too absorbed in my own healing process and rejuvenating to work much.
However, since 1974, I have managed to keep the RBI training center open continuously serving people, healing people, and training Breathworkers and physical immortality teachers 24 hours per day 7 days per week. This training center is now here in Virginia - always working every week of the year. You are welcome to come anytime for retreats or training.
For the last 2 years, my expenses have exceeded my income most months due to my healing process. Now I am healed and have boundless energy. I'm creating new ways to serve you. We are so grateful for all of you who gave encouragement and donations.
You can help by reading this article, by participating, and by using the resources mentioned. We can all benefit from a more intelligent community - locally, nationally, and worldwide, of people who really understand the relationship of Spirit, Mind, and Body.

The science of personal aliveness involves unraveling the birth-death cycle.
The 4 basic causes of death are:
1. Ignoring our natural divinity, or worse, actually abusing it by indulging in negativity and misusing our Spirit, Mind and Body.
2. The unconscious death urge, which we learn from our family tradition. It is constantly reinforced by our culture and the people in our environment who haven't healed it.
3. Poor diet - for example, eating meat, according to Babaji and medical science, causes cancer and heart disease.
4. Never learning how to clean and balance our Energy Body through the spiritual purification practices with mind, earth, air, water, fire, and Love.

It is amazing to me that Sigmud Freud is the only other writer that I know of who has ever written anything important about the death urge. People are afraid to even think about it until they heal it. It is like a ghost in the closet of our subconscious mind that we want to ignore, not look at, and keep hidden - until it is too late. This is funny to me because death has no power but what we give to it. The power of death comes from our own mind.
However, as long as we have a death urge, it is a psychic entity, a sub-personality, a structure of thoughts and feelings which has the power to destroy not only our body, but our success, our career, our relationships, and even our peace and happiness.
There is only one book in the world that I know of about Healing the Death Urge. It is a very practical and helpful book. It has a story in it that helps people feel their death urge feelings. The story is so powerful that it took my typist a year to type it. She got so plugged into her death urge feelings, she had to stop and process her feelings for weeks before she could continue.
One of the greatest tools I ever created to heal the death urge is the Unraveling the Birth-Death Cycle tapes. Hundreds or thousands of people have used these tapes to heal their death urge, by listening to them ten to a hundred times.
You see, we have to feel safe enough in Life and in our own mind to allow our death urge to come up to the surface so we can look at it honestly and heal it. Our philosophy of physical immortality has to be thorough enough, strong enough, and logical enough to permit us to heal death.
It is smart to use these tools I have created and to make them available to everyone in our environment. Until we heal death, all healing is only temporary.
Even after we heal the death urge we learned from our parents and family tradition, we can get reinjected with death urge from our friends, relatives, and lovers. To actually be a conscious immortal in today's world, we have to become specialists at healing the death urge. We may have to heal it again and again in ourselves as well as in everyone in our environment. Therefore, I invite you to buy and use these books and tapes to make your own Life easier and improve the quality of life for the people in your environment.
I have the story of my own process of healing my death urge on a set of tapes called Physical Immortality Today.
There is no bigger source of self-delusion than in this area. Many of my friends who believed and taught personal aliveness are now dead. Three of my good friends died in the last year because they were filled with so much delusion that they just wouldn't listen to me or anyone. People are foolish about this subject. The unconscious death urge can kill people who believe in physical immortality. Remember, all Christians believe that the death of Jesus freed them of death and sin and gave them Eternal Life. This belief hasn't worked for 2000 years and yet millions of people still believe it. It takes more than a belief system to master the human mind and body, but it is an important foundation. I'm writing you in the hope that you will intelligently respond to some of my suggestions, use the resources I have available to you, and make personal mastery easier for yourself as well as me. It is fun to love and serve and participate in this world - in this game of Everlasting Life.
Chapter 10 in my book Breaking the Death Habit helps to put this subject into perspective. It bears rereading. Self-righteousness - thinking we know enough - is one of the biggest sources of self-deception. Orthodox immortalists are no better than the orthodox fundamentalists of any organized religion. What level of actual body mastery have you honestly achieved?
Anyone actually interested in achieving physical immortality should read every book in print and hear every tape on this subject. This is not a big job - there aren't many available. You can easily afford to buy them all. I believe I have the largest library in the world on physical immortality. It is an official, registered library. The Inspiration University book list is probably the best in the world on this subject. Most of the books on this subject went out of print when the authors died.
An exception is Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spalding. They have stayed in print continuously since they were published early in the 20th century.
Since my favorite authors died, I decided not to trust anyone who teaches physical immortality unless they are at least 300 years in the same body. I've met over 8 people in this distinguished class. My tape titled The Science of Personal Aliveness is one of the clearest presentations of the common denominators of their lifestyles that enable them to enjoy Life for hundreds of years. I recommend that you listen to this tape over and over until you master each point and each practice which is recommended. The best book to go along with this tape is The Common Sense of Physical Immortality. After you become familiar with these items, you may enjoy buying them in quantity to share with the people you love and value.
Finally, I recommend that you study and meditate on a special book called The Immortalist by Alan Harrington. I believe Alan is still alive, but I haven't checked since 1980. His book was published in the 1960's. It was not the first book on physical immortality that I read, but it was the first really great book. I loved it so much that I used to buy them from wholesalers and give them away to everyone that I loved or valued. As I ran out of money doing this, I got smart. I realized that if I sold them rather than give them away, I could never run out of money spreading the word about physical immortality. Although it is not the best book, I still love reading and rereading it. It always lifts me to the heights and inspires action and aliveness.
Even though I believe Alan is still alive, his book went out of print. It was ahead of its time. I found a publisher, raised the money and got it reprinted in the 70's. It went out of print again because I was the only person selling it. The publisher gave me their last 28 cases. I still have about 5 cases of this brilliant book that have been in my library for about 25 years. I'm now willing to sell them. The 70's price was $5.95. They are worth over $15 today. I'll sell you one for $10 plus $5 for postage and handling.
There is one more book I'd like to recommend to you - actually it is one book in 3 volumes. The title is Thirumantaram. The author took 3000 years to write the book. The author - Thiromoolar, has kept his body for over a hundred million years. He wrote one 4 line verse per year for 3000 years. His book is his 3000 verses. He and Agastyar are the most well known truly great immortal yogis known throughout the millions of years of human history. The best books about the millions of years of human history are The Shiva Purana and The Ramayana. These are perhaps the ultimate books on physical immortality.
It could easily take you 100 years or even 1000 years to master Thiromoolar's book because you have to do the practices which Thiromoolar recommends as you go. And some of his verses may take months or years of meditation to allow your mind to absorb them. They are so profound.
There is one verse from the Upanishads which I meditated upon for over ten years. It is one of the most valuable thoughts you can have for being a practical master of physical immortality. I'll include this verse as a free gift when you order any of the items I am recommending here or send a donation.
I believe that God orchestrated my present financial condition to motivate me to solve this basic problem for the masses of people around the Globe who are dying in poverty - see my article Abundance & Scarcity. Most people believe there is nothing certain but death and taxes, right? God wants me to solve the money problem for people as well as the aliveness problem.
I invite you to a banquet here on the Words of Truth, Simplicity & Love.
I was remembering the early days of my career as a business consultant this week. I had the ability to double the income of all my clients. I did it 100% of the time. But in the beginning, I would take the bus in LA to an appointment. If my client paid me by check and it was after banking hours, I sometimes had to hitchhike home because I didn't have enough money for the bus. This was in the 60's - over 30 years ago. I've been using this ability for over 30 years and teaching it to others. It enabled me to average over $100,000 per year for the past 28 years.
However, due to my process of healing cancer and related emotional issues, my income has dropped below my expenses during the last 2 years. Now that I'm healed of cancer and my immune system is back - better then normal, I have boundless energy to serve people. You are experiencing some of my creativity in this letter. My cancer healing story is available on the book list in the current newsletter. My cancer was caused by eating meat for 30 years before I became a vegetarian. It didn't manifest until after I stopped and was a strict vegetarian for 5 years. We have so much to learn about our marvelous body which Babaji calls the highest form on Earth.
I mastered my ability to create money out of nothing early in my career. This is a basic quality of prosperity consciousness, which I am concentrating on now. It's funny that my home has been in Staunton, VA since 1995, but I know fewer people here than in many countries in the world. So I am starting from nothing and creating a spiritual community and income out of nothing.
But we don't create out of nothing. It may look like nothing because it is invisible. Our Source is Infinite Being and Infinite Intelligence. Money and everything else is created out of this. Manifestation is created from invisible to visible. It is always fun! We create money out of nothing by serving people who have money and are willing to pay us. I'm thankful that there are five or ten people here in Virginia close-by who are supporting me spiritually and materially in many Loving and generous ways.
When we unravel our death urge, we have a special power that other people can benefit from. It automatically works on everyone who comes into our presence - even though it may be invisible except to those who see. When we heal our birth trauma, we have another power that benefits everyone we touch with our presence. Each stage of spiritual liberation gives us another power, which we can give to others. But when it works automatically and is invisible, some people are not smart enough and appreciative enough to pay us. And some people, as Jesus said, are like pigs who will trample our pearls and us as well.
Each person who participates in my 5 Day or 9 Day Training, or even a One Day Workshop receives something of very great value. Maybe they can't even put it into words but they feel different - a subtle Energy shift maybe - that continues to produce results for months or years afterwards.
I remember each time I met Bhartriji, who has maintained a local address on planet Earth for 2000 years, that he planted a seed of energy in my mind. The words, thoughts, feelings, and results of these seeds have flowed out more and more for 20 years. I realized that each of these seeds was more valuable than getting a PhD.
Philosophers teach with words, but Yogis teach with Energy - I'm talking about real immortal yogis.

Each of these books I have mentioned will sow seeds of energy from not only the author, but from me and from Babaji. The Oneness of Being is a reality, which everyone who is interested in total mastery should be able to tune into and share this Divine Energy with everyone in our environment. Babaji says that physical reality is real but temporary and changeable. Therefore you can receive so much more when you participate in one of my trainings. I'd like more face to face contact with you so that I can give you more.
Physical immortality is easier than supporting a family and putting your kids through college. But it does require as much discipline and focus. It is easier to be distracted by the deathist - the mortal - world and surrender to death. "Environment is stronger than will power."
We have to be intelligent enough to build an immortal environment around us - to live in a spiritual community - a spiritual family - that gives us abundant support. Everyone deserves a team of supporters. I'd like to be on your support team. And each communication cycle we have allows me to receive the support you have for me. I trust it will be good!
Now Isabelle & I are busy creating enough money to keep our home, which is a valuable resource to support our bodies and aliveness - our joy and quality of Life. We are using all of our creativity just to create money for postage to get this letter out to the people in our database. You can help with your order or donation or both. You can communicate with a much larger community of aspiring masters through us. We really appreciate your support.
We will also accept loans - working capital helps and could be a good investment for you. We welcome your Love and participation.
I also do phone consultations on all subjects: physical immortality, healing, relationships, money, etc.
I'd like to be a member of your support team and share my many goodies with you. I get to be supported by you when you allow me to serve you as well as when you make intuitive contributions to us.
Our relationship and bodies are the laboratories of the Science of personal Aliveness.
Let's get our relationship moving. Just reading one of these books can produce tremendous movement and transformation and aliveness. But our physical friendship and fellowship adds so much more.
For your convenience, we have enclosed a special order form with a special package price. In our last newsletter is a more complete book list.
Joining the Love Notes Money Society will give you a monthly supply of real money to spend. We accept it up to 10% of the price of anything you buy from us.
Feel free to copy any of the items enclosed or order copies, and make them available to your local media.
Naturally, we are willing to send them along with this letter to any friends or mailing lists you supply for us.

In Truth, Simplicity & Love

Young Leonard Orr Raja

PS: You may receive this letter with Abundant Life or … the Walking Dead instead of the current newsletter and Abundance & Scarcity, to simplify mailing this letter to you. You will receive these items with your next order.

I have to mention the next Rebirthing-Breathwork Convention here in Virginia in July 2002. I am inviting you all. Details will be in the next newsletter.

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