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Physical Immortality in One Page
by Young Leonard Orr


The mastery of the physical body and victory over physical death is
not only possible, but is the most pleasurable way to live.

Physical Immortality through Truth, Simplicity and Love means the integration of Spirit, Mind and Body.
Physical Immortality and Transfiguration means including the Body into the conscious life of the Eternal Spirit. It is not merely longevity, but the science of personal aliveness - high on quality living!
To achieve Physical Immortality we must master the philosophy of it, the psychology of it and the physiology of it. They are all very simple, but must be practiced as well as understood. The truth is simple, easy and pleasurable because it is in harmony with our divine nature.

The philosophy of Physical Immortality means:
We already are the Eternal Spirit, children of God, whether we like it or not.
Practicing the presence of God is the most natural and pleasurable lifestyle.
The psychology of Physical Immortality means:
To unravel our personal death urge.
Living through our highest highs and lowest lows.
It includes getting acquainted with the eternal glory of ordinariness.
It involves honesty with our goodness and our evil.
It includes successfully processing our feelings, emotions, our thoughts in our soul and body.
It understands that the two basic functions of the Mind are to create and to destroy. Put them together and you get renewal.
It acknowledges that the Mind is eternally hungry and must be fed.
Physical Immortality is not a superficial thing, but neither is the accumulation of enough unconscious misery to ruin our aliveness and cause us to destroy our body.
The physiology of Physical Immortality is based on:
Personal, inner awareness of our energy body.
It is learning how to clean and balance our energy body on a daily basis with earth, air, water and fire.

Earth means diet, exercise, sleep mastery and a career that we love.
Most people die, not from hunger but from overeating. Good healthy food, without cleaning the blood stream and energy body with regular fasting, kills most people. Fasting one day per week on good water, fresh juice or milk can make us immortal. Exercise starts with a conscious walk around the block. This may be enough exercise to put us into eternal life. Sleep is a little death - unconsciousness - that leads to the big sleep. Sleep is involuntary entrance into the astral world. To rest all day and to live in peace requires less escape from our feelings. Sleep is the suppression of unpleasant emotions. Eventually the body becomes such an unpleasant depository of suppression that we deposit it in the grave and escape permanently into sleep. But we get reborn, as you know. A satisfying career taps the joys of our soul. It involves service to others in a way that makes us wealthy. God planned it that we have different talents and preferences. Everyone needs a conscious, personal exercise system. We can live a more ecological lifestyle.

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Air means to consciously breathe energy as well as air. It means the ability to get into our bathtub and to breathe away negative energy concentrations. Breathing is the basic healer. We can clean ourselves inside and out with spiritual breathing. Our natural, divine Breath of Life can become inhibited at birth and throughout the School of Hard Knocks. Conscious Breathing is a delight. It is more satisfying then fine food. If you don't know what I'm talking about, find a Conscious Breathing teacher, a Rebirther, and receive at least 10 sessions.

Warm water is the greatest gift of 20th Century civilization. Drinking good water is important, but bathing twice per day is the easiest and most pleasurable way to clean the energy body, which is the Source of the physical body. To be immortal in today's world, we must learn how to soak, as well as take showers.

Fire cleans the energy body as well as water. I have met eight people over 300 years old, five of them are over 2000. They normally sit with open flames at least once per day. Fire purification takes the most awareness and intelligence to do. Fire can burn away the death urge and burn persistent, negative emotions directly out of our energy body. A conscious relationship to open flame is as important to human mental and physical health as food.

Earth, air, water and fire are the physical qualities of God - the eternal vehicles of grace.
Finally, there is the practice of loving community. The immortals do spend some time in caves alone in the Himalayas. But they also participate in the world. Right relationships to people are the fastest way to total liberation. People can upset us and they can liberate us. Love is the secret of Eternal Life. Cosmic love is ecstasy! Citizen participation in government can be heaven on earth.
Small and large groups of people worshiping the Lord are very uplifting, even when it is not called worship.
When we are in the presence of another person, we are automatically giving and receiving energy, good or bad energy concentrations. We are always processing the energy of other people in social experiences and being processed.
Social participation in the world can be a continuous source of temporary insanity or pleasure, depending on the quality of our soul and the people we hang out with.
Every year I like to visit the Immortals I know and meet new ones. There are many. I have also met the Eternal Father in human form who in the Bible is called "The Angel of the Lord" and in the east is called, "Shiva Yogi, the Eternal Youth"or "Babaji".
There. You have it. The simple path to Physical Immortality. It is not a superficial path and neither is the path to the grave. The disciplines of spiritual purification are all pleasurable and lead to a life of pleasure, peace and even ecstasy. And human life spans will double again when these simple practices are established in our civilization. The practices cause youthing instead of aging. They rejuvenate the physical body through the energy body.
I welcome your fellowship on this path. I have a lot more to share about it. Physical Immortality takes forever. It is the only cause you can't die for. My most popular book is called: Physical Immortality, The Science of Everlasting Life.
I've maintained a full-time center for 20 years dedicated to teaching these ideas. For information contact:

Leonard Orr, P. O. Box 1026, Staunton, VA 24402 phone: 540-885-0551.